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Adv. Tseliso Thipanyane



Message from Chair


The Southern African Institute for Responsive and Accountable Governance, or simply SAIRAG, is an organization formed by a group of South Africans who are committed to ensuring that there is indeed development and prosperity in our country and region. The organization is committed to serving the public interest and national interest by advancing and advocating for responsible, responsive and accountable governance.  Although SAIRAG is new, it has already taken great strides in the South African public landscape, and it is positioned to become a leading voice in the public discourse on governance in the country.

Our Concern

SAIRAG has been formed out of deep concern regarding the issues around governance and leadership that we have seen over the past two decades of our democracy, where many of our public institutions are failing and some are collapsing. We’re seeing the problems around Eskom and South African Airways, which are crucial institutions that are failing and causing a lot of harm to our economy and our people. We’re also seeing the problems around the education system, which is failing our children and our future. The issues around crime, whistleblower protection and police, which is failing our security and our safety.

This is definitely not what our people fought for there is, therefore, a need to have institutions like ours to ensure that there is actually better governance and leadership in our country. With that SAIRAG will be working together with a whole lot of South Africans and other people in the region to establish that there is better governance and leadership in our country which will ensure we foster prosperity development accountability respect for human rights and rule of law.


We are sure that in the coming years we will see a better South Africa with greater prosperity, development and respect for human rights.

Meet the team

It is a great honour to introduce the SAIRAG team. The SAIRAG team is a close-knit group of dedicated professionals who work together to achieve our goals and deliver towards the fulfilment of our objectives. We are a diverse group of people with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We have a shared belief in the value of our work, and we are committed to advancing the course of good governance, human rights and social justice.

Tseliso Thipanyane


Mpolokeng Felicia Pooe

Deputy Chairperson

Tammy Carter

Chief Executive Officer

Sandile K. Ngcobo

Chief Operations Officer

Thakadu Michael Lefakane

Chief Finance Officer

Kgositoi Sedupane

Board Member

Shokhoa Kotelo

Information Technology Officer

Lisebo Kotelo

Chief Admin Officer

Bakiel Nxumalo

Creative Marketing and Communications Officer

Our Story


SAIRAG is an institute committed towards the advancement of responsive and accountable governance in the Southern African Region. The institution is also committed towards socio economic integration in the region in order to advance the lives of people. Some of the activities will focus upon anti-corruption initiatives, whistle blowers protection, ensuring that there is better governance of both public and private institutions.


Our Vision

Towards a more democratic, stable, prosperous and integrated Southern African region grounded on the respect for the rule of law, accountable and responsive system of governance led by impeccable leaders

SAIRAG Mission

Our Mission

An institution founded and funded by people of the Southern African region that will help to advance the respect for human rights, good governance, leadership and accountability in the region, and advance better and effective economic, social and political integration.


Strategic focus

The current situational analysis in South Africa demands that SAIRAG identify areas of priority.  The hearings on Allegations of State Capture and the concomitant report reveal that whistle-blowers are shunned and victimised by those in offices of power both in the public and private sector.  Media reports also expose victimisation of state employees who report on or blow the whistle on malfeasance owing to corruption and misgovernance.  Additionally, there are constitutional institutions that are empowered to strengthen constitutional democracy as well as promote public administration principles.


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