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We are committed towards the advancement of responsive and accountable governance

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About Us

Chairperson's Introduction about SAIRAG

SAIRAG is an institute committed towards the advancement of responsive and accountable governance in the Southern African Region. The institution is also committed towards socio economic integration in the region in order to advance the lives of people. Some of the activities will focus upon anti-corruption initiatives, whistle blowers protection, ensuring that there is better governance of both public and private institutions.

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Objectives of the institute

The Institute’s main objectives are to:

The main objective of SAIRAG is to advance responsive and accountable governance in both the public and private sector. In doing so, SAIRAG shall undertake the following:

Accountable Governance

Foster and enhance responsive and accountable governance.

Protection of Whistle-Blowers

Lobby for the protection of whistle-blowers and human rights defenders.

Encourage Effective Governance

Encourage effective and efficient functioning and governance of constitutional institutions established to strengthen constitutional democracy as well as any other organs of state.

Climate Change

Assess the impact of climate change on human rights.

Technology & Human Rights

Assess the impact of technology on human rights.

Social Justice

Pursue social justice through equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges as a society; and foster response to national and regional security concerns.

Legislative Powers and Incorporation

SAIRAG is a non-profit company registered in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.  It is incorporated as such to pursue its mandate and set key objectives.

plan of action

Strategic focus and activities

Areas of priority

The current situational analysis in South Africa demands that SAIRAG identify areas of priority.  The hearings on allegations of State Capture and the concomitant report reveal that whistle-blowers are shunned and victimised by those in offices of power both in the public and private sector.  Media reports also expose victimisation of state employees who report on or blow the whistle on malfeasance owing to corruption and misgovernance.

 Additionally, there are constitutional institutions that are empowered to strengthen constitutional democracy as well as promote public administration principles.

Consequently, SAIRAG has identified the area of whistleblowing as its focal point.  It has also considered the role of specific constitutional institutions that impact whistleblowing in the state, and that of the youth to foster good governance.


SAIRAG has developed the activities below to lobby for the protection and support of whistle-blowers to encourage effective functioning of the relevant constitutional institutions, viz:

  • Conduct whistle-blower campaigns and respond to requests from whistle-blowers.
  • Engage the National Assembly on governance of constitutional institutions.
  • Engage the Youth on whistleblowing and governance



You can contribute to the promotion of good governance and anti-corruption. Your support is crucial to our efforts. If you’re able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of your preferred amount to help us achieve our objectives. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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JUNE 16 -2022

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The introductory video for the symposium on establishing leadership responsibilities of the youth during this challenging time in South Africa, when the country is faced with a myriad of public and private sector governance problems.

The 46th commemoration of 1976, June 16 Uprisings that began in Soweto and spread throughout the country presents an opportunity for reflection on the current state of the nation and of the youth and their role in strengthening our constitutional democracy and the advancement of human rights.

Watch the 1976 June 16 Student Uprisings 46th Anniversary Part 1-3 Videos

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